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StC in the NCAA
Follow these StC alums as they compete at the next level
Sean Brogan '08
Mount St. Mary's University
Nick Campana '09
St. Leo University
Cam Caruso '08
Babson College
Taylor Coughlin '10
Mercer University
Paul De Bord '09
Towson University
Ben Dvorak '10
Bellarmine University
Chad Ellis '10
Carthage College
Dom Imbordino '10
Ohio State University
Pat Killeen '10
Siena College
Coach Dave Neff
Head Coach 2005-06
Carthage College
Cooper O'Brien '10
Aurora University
Billy Rawson '10
Pfeiffer University
Alek Szmajda '09
Carthage College
Tyler Thomas '10
Aurora University
Madden Titus '08
Denison University

Ben Dvorak (StC '10) and fellow alumni took on a squad of current StC players on Dec. 28 at Finish Strong.
Thanks to organizers Tyler Hines (StC '08) and Head Coach Andy Thompson, some 30 StC alumni and current players suited up on Dec. 28 to compete in the 2010 Alumni Game.
It wasn't your usual alumni game. Older they may be, but no less formidable a foe for it: Many of the alums on the turf that night are playing NCAA and club lacrosse, as well as other NCAA sports. And indeed, at the end of the night, the alums had banked a double-digit win vs. the current players.

StC Alum ('09) and Purdue goalie Blake Chamberlain spent eight summer 2010 weeks in Asia, first in China and then in Australia, as part of an international business study-abroad semester. Here, he shares some of his impressions of life (and lacrosse) in that part of the world.
Q: So what took you to Beijing? And please don't say "an airplane," as much as you might want to...
The whole reason I went to Beijing was because I really didn't want to get a job, and I always wanted to travel around the world. Plus, Asia just always appealed to me, like the perfect idea of a True Foreign Country.
Q: You were at Peking University, yes? Where else did you travel?
A: I was at Peking University (among top two in China), also called -- and I'm going to butcher this -- Bei Da. Beijing is a huge city, so we really didn't travel to other cities. I visited Hohai (the bar area), a popular area called Wodaokou, and Tianamen Square. We actually went to a club till like 4am and then taxied over to Tianamen to
watch the sunrise and flag raising. They do this everyday and thousands of people show up every morning near 5am.
Q: And Australia?
I [went] to Australia because it's another chance to go to a 
very cool foreign country.  I always wanted to go to Australia, and I am certified to go scuba diving, so I can get a great glimpse at the Great
Barrier Reef.  That will make two wonders of the world in about three months.
Q: Did you take your stick to Beijing? Play a little wall ball on
the Great Wall? And if not, why not?
No, I didn't take my lacrosse stuff to China, although it would have been cool. I just didn't have the room for it.  Thinking about it now, it would have been funny to play wall ball on the Great Wall, but it would not have been funny to get thrown in Chinese jail. 
Q: What's the tastiest thing you ate while in China?
By far, the tastiest thing I ate was Peking Duck. I ate it a total of about five times in China. And the funny thing is, it only cost about US$10 to split with a friend.
Q: Were you dared to eat anything and discovered that you liked it? What about that you didn't like?
Never dared to eat anything, I was just adventurous to try
everything. I discovered I like, I think it's called, rotten bean
paste? It's like a slightly bitter refried bean dip, but you dip
meat in it. Delicious! Also, I already liked dumplings, but I became obsessed with them there, especially when they only cost about US$1.25 for 20.
What I didn't really like was the fact that they rarely serve
anything cold. Hot water is served replacing cold water, and for extra they give you tea.
As for food, I really do not prefer raw jellyfish. Surprisingly it was not soft, but rather like a mixture of rubber and styrofoam. It's hard to describe. Nor do I care for cartilage.
I went to a Szechwan restaurant and had really hot peppers and pig joints, and the only edible part was the jelly-like cartilage.
Q: Finally, how did your first season at Purdue go? What was it like to be on the same team as your brother, Tyler (StC '06), again?
We went 4-9 and were last  in the Big Ten.  I actually started a few times over a senior goalie, and our first conference game against Ball State, I started and we won in overtime.
But next year it is all me; i am the only goalie on the team.
It was really cool to play with my brother because
this is actually the first time I played on the same field. I was on 
JV while he was on Varsity.  So it was pretty neat to cheer for him on face-offs while I was standing in goal.
Blake and Tyler's dad, Kevin, tells us that Tyler "just finished four years of Purdue Club lax in Spring 2010." This past semester also saw Tyler complete the fourth year of his six-year pharmacy program with a 3.8 GPA.

Carthage College Head Coach Dave Neff (StC Head Coach 2005-'06) tells us that frosh middie Alek Szmajda wasted no time getting on the board, scoring twice in his first game, a 16-5 win over Albion College of Michigan.
Alek finished the year for the 8-6 Red Men with 5 goals on 14 shots on goal, as well as four ground balls.

Cam Caruso (StC '08), a soph for the D3 Babson Beavers, was again named to the Pilgrim Lacrosse League Academic All Conference team. In 2010, Cam led all Babson middies with 17 goals and 5 assists, had 67 ground balls and won 38% of his faceoffs. Cam also was named to the 2009 Academic All Conference Team in his first season, which was lauded by the team as "a fantastic freshman campaign: [he led] the team with 67 groundballs and 95 faceoff wins to go with five goals and one assist."

Parents Sherena and Bill Titus with son Madden.
What's in a Name?
are born great, and some have greatness thrust upon them. For Madden Titus, it's a bit of both.
Madden, a two-time 1st Team All Conference D-pole in 2007-'08 and now on the Denison squad, finds himself on the Face-Off Lacrosse 2010 All-Name Team.
Paul De Bord, StC Lax '09, tipped us off to the honor, and surely speaks for all of StC Lacrosse when he says he is both "proud and confused" over Madden's accomplishment. "He now ranks among the all-time greats," says Paul, citing such other "all-namers" as Ridge Flick (Air Force), Zeppy O'Geen (Herkimer) and Towny Swiggett (Dartmouth).

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