I want to take a moment to send out a sincere thank you to all of you who attended the last three days of tryouts.
The coaches agree that this was a great group of players who listened to the coaches, competed in every drill, and had great attitudes.  This obviously made things very difficult when picking the Varsity team that is listed below. Though I guarantee not everyone will agree with the results, this is what the STC coaching staff has chosen for the 2011 Varsity team.
I do think that all players will agree that they are better players and better people for
going through these tryouts. You all competed with the best talent that St. Charles Lacrosse has to offer.
Like I said today, do not be upset if you did not make the team.  All of you that showed up, "stepped up to the plate and took a risk".  You chose not to fear failure, and took a chance. This is a great quality you demonstrated and you have earned the respect of the StC coaching staff because of this risk you took.  Stay motivated and keep working to reach your goals.
-- Coach Andy Thompson
The 2011 StC Varsity Team
Zach Arvia
Nick McCullough
PJ Bogle
Pat McGushin
Nate Campana
Dan Morawski
Will De Bord
Spencer Motley
Trace Evans
Jesse Nagelberg
Grant Ferowich
Anthony Niemec
Colin Haley
Matt O'Brien
Troy Hoffman
Austin Patrick
Alec Irvine
Alex Pohl
Jimmy Ingold
Mike Rerko
Cooper Jones
Colin Snook
Andrew Jurewicz
Marcus Stammen
Steve Link
Brian Sullivan
Riley Martin
Paul Wempe
Together with JV Blue Head Coach Mike Black, I would like to thank everyone who came to JV tryouts at Finish Strong and congratulate those that were chosen.
With only one day of tryouts and a talented group of players, it was a difficult task choosing our teams.
If you don't see your name on the roster, I encourage you to work hard and give your best effort every day for your team as we will continue to evaluate players as the season progresses.
Thank you and best of luck to all as they embark on the 2011 St. Charles Lacrosse season.
-- Rob Klemm
Head Coach, JV Orange
JV Orange
Joey Davis
Jack DeVault
Evan Falls
Anthony Gillespie
Brett Hickey
Liam Hooper
Brandon Huff
George Huston
Jud Huxtable
Chris Justiniano
Zak Kohley
Ashir Mahida
Alex O'Brien
Connor Ryan
Scott Sheble
Wyatt Teafoe
James Thompson
J. Michael Wagner
Kyle Wagner
Chad Williams
Collin Young
JV Blue
Kevin Acton
Davis Baldwin
Dustin Baldwin
Brian Barrett
Zach Behrens
Josh Clay
Matt Coughlin
Alec Datoli
Kevin Dawrant
Jonathan Elliott
Alex Halfpenny
Mike Jasica
Kolin Krenning
Jeremy Kummet
Sean Kuzniar
Sam Madura
Rich Mix
Alec Polivka
Mitch Reilly
Sam Scorby
Jack Sonin
Ben Wendlandt
Vika Zaderej
Frosh-Soph Head Coach Shaun Falzone has set the 2011 roster.
Here's looking forward to another great season for the future of StC Lacrosse!
2011 StC Frosh-Soph
Alex Baecker Michael Maine
Dylan Bull
Casey McClelland
Jimmy Cassano
Eric Merrill
Aaron Clapper
Andrew Michelotti
Davis Cox
Carter O'Brien
Miles Harris
Anthony Presta
Cale Hoffman
Jake Schlagel
Alex Justiniano
Dustin Sullens
Vince Locascio
Reed Williams
Cameron MacKenzie

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